Satyr Drama at the Lenaea? The Inscription SEG 26, 203


This article attempts to evaluate the possibility that satyr drama was included in the Lenaean tragic contests of the 4th century bc. This theory was supported independently by Sutton ZPE 37 (1980) and Luppe APF 55 (2009). Sutton used the inscription SEG 26, 203 (tragic contests of 364 and 363 bc ) as evidence that each poet participated with a satyr drama and a tra­ge­dy, while Luppe revising the inscription IG II 2 2319 col. II (tragic contests ca. 420-418 bc ) argues that tragic poets presented three tragedies and a satyr drama, not two tragedies without a satyr drama, as commonly held. This claim against the communis opinio affects not only the reconstruction of the tragic contests at the Lenaea but also the discussion on the genre of TrGF adesp. fr. 667a (Μήδεια Σατυρική?), a unique fragment, which Sutton identi­fies with Theodorides’ Medea attested in the inscription SEG 26, 203.