Volume 9 | 2019

The present issue of Logeion is dedicated in its entirety to the Theatre of Dionysus, which is, in several respects, the most signi­ficant theatre of antiquity. The study of this topic, which presupposes an interdisciplinary approach from philological, archaeological and architectural viewpoints, constitutedthe subject-matter of a conference held at the University of Patrasin November 2018 . This conference was jointly organised by theDepartments of Theatre Studies and Architecture. The paperspresented in this volume do not include Christina Papastamati-von Moock’s survey of the theatre building in the classical age,which will be published in the next issue due to its length.It is with great pleasure that I announce that from this issueonwards three outstanding scholars of ancient Greek theatrewill join the editorial board: Eric Csapo (University of Warwick), Jean-Charles Moretti (CNRS / Université de Lyon) andIoanna Karamanou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).